Saturday 3 March 2012

Modern Day Warrior Princess - Princess Parade Flash Fiction Contest Entry

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I am not elligible for the prize, as I am the one doing the judging (along with some friends), but I thought it only fitting that I wrote something for the Princess Parade Flash Fiction Contest anyway. Besides, it's fun theme for writing a story!

Modern Day Warrior Princess

by Rebecca Fyfe

Marie walked beside her husband in the crisp night air. The movie had been okay but nothing to get excited about. It had been enjoyable to get out away from the children for a few hours though. Dinner and a movie with her husband had been a welcome break. James gently slipped his hand over hers. It was only a short walk home. They’d given up their car many years ago and never regretted it once. Most places were within walking distance from them anyway.

The clouds moved and the light glow of light from the moon disappeared just as they started walking across the field near their neighborhood. A shadow moved in front of them, and Marie was startled when she felt James’ hand grip hers tighter and pull her up short. She looked up and saw a man standing in front of them. He was almost as tall as her husband and was built like a linebacker. It was difficult to distinguish his features in the dark, but there was enough light from the nearby streetlights to glint off the knife he held in his right hand.

“Hand over your wallets and jewelry and no one will get hurt!”

James held up his hand in a placating gesture. “Okay, we’ll do what you say. You don’t need to hold that knife out at us.” He reached into his back pocket for his wallet.

In the next moment, the thug had hit James over the head, knocking him forcefully to the ground. Stunned, Marie could only think that he must have thought James was reaching for a weapon.

“Why did you do that?” Marie surprised herself by yelling at the thug. “He was just getting his wallet out like you asked!”

“I’m the one with the weapon here, so shut up!”

Marie could tell this guy was not the brightest guy they’d ever encountered, but he was right in that he was the one with the weapon. He was also nervous and violent and Marie wasn’t convinced that handing over their possessions would earn them any safety from him.

She took a step toward James as he got to his knees and tried to stand up, but was brought up short by the thug snarling, “Stay where you are!”

“I will not! My husband is hurt and I am going to help him.”

The thug moved towards her, moving faster than she had thought him capable and within a blink of her eyes, he was standing behind her holding the knife to her throat. By then, James was standing and growled out, “Let her go!”

“Stay back or I’ll cut her!” the thug yelled.

Marie was getting really tired of all of this posturing by the thug and she decided that enough was enough. This guy was violent and dangerous and he was threatening both her and her husband. If she didn’t do anything, one of them might not make it home alive to see their children again. She would not be threatened by this moron any longer. She clasped her hands together and swung her elbow back with as much power as she could put into it, hitting him in the middle of his gut while stomping hard on his right foot at the same time.

The thug made a muffled “oof” sound as he bent forward, his knife nicked Marie’s throat slightly as he pulled his hands into his stomach and let go of her. While he was still doubled over, Marie spun around and kicked him in the face. She heard a crunching sound as her foot made contact with his nose.

James was about to move in to help, but realized that Marie was handling the situation quite well on her own. He stopped for a brief moment, experiencing a swelling of pride in her. He watched her kick and pummel with the grace of a ballerina in her movements coupled with the force and power of an avenging angel. She was stunning in her ferocity. He’d always known she had it in her. She was normally easy-going, funny and sweet, but he’d seen the fierceness in her eyes whenever she thought her children were threatened. He’d always known that she’d be fierce and courageous, his own beautiful warrior princess, if given the right circumstances.

But really, he was beginning to feel sorry for the idiot who had decided to threaten the two of them. He was laying on the ground now, blood pouring from his nose, holding his hands over his head as he curled into a defensive ball. James supposed he should take pity on the criminal and call the police before Marie did any more damage to him.

790 words


  1. Man! Too bad I didn't know about this sooner. :( Do you do this annually by any chance?

  2. So bummed I didn't know about this till today! :( Any chance you do this annually?

  3. Very cool Rebecca, wow, Marie can certainly handle herself. Time has not permitted me to take part I'm sorry, but I have enjoyed reading these. Thankyou.

  4. Kelly - There's still time for short story of 300 words! And yes, I will probably do this one again, if not a year from now then maybe in a few months. Ofcourse, I'll have to come up with a different prize for the next one. :)

    My neighbor's 11 year old daughter is writing her entry (for the under-16s' prize of a teddy bear) right now. So it's still not too late!


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