Sunday, 18 October 2009

Princess Gift Shopping

Princess 1st Birthday Infant Creeper

As Christmas fast approaches, many of us are trying to find the perfect gift for our little princesses and princes. With that in mind, I am going to feature one princess-related store or product each week until Christmas.

Princess penguin Bib

This week, I am featuring a store named, like this blog, Princess Parade! While this is not the only store I have found with this name, it is the store with the widest range of designs to choose from. From knights and princes, to princesses, fairies and mermaids, this store is full of gifts for princes and princesses.

Wise Dragons Baseball Jersey

You can find any theme related to girls and girl power and all things girly at Princess Parade, but boys aren't neglected here either with "Prince Charming" designs, knights and dragons to be found as well. Don't see something you like? Then just use the search bar at the top to bring up designs that are more to your liking.

The designs you'll find at Princess Parade can be bought on such things as t-shirts, hoodies, teddy bears, framed tiles, posters, postcards, notecards, magnets, buttons, mugs, hats, Sigg Water bottles, stickers and many other gifts!

Note: Not all of the designs in Princess Parade are family-friendly, so be sure to do your shopping while your children are not looking over your shoulder. Future stores featured will be child-friendly-oonly ones.

Also note: In an effort of being fully honest, I must add that I own this featured store, but not all of the designs in it are mine. It is a place show-casing the princess designs from many other designers' stores.

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