Friday 2 October 2009

10 Rules For Being a Princess

1. Princesses always wear dresses.

2. Princesses always keep their tiara sparkly.

3. Princesses love the color pink and wear it frequently.

4. A princess is always polite and considerate of others’ feelings.

5. Princesses see everything as beautiful and exciting.

6. Princesses always share with those less fortunate.

7. A princess is always learning new things.

8. A princess always tries to do her best at school.

9. A princess is confident, but not a snob.

10. A princess believes in herself and believes that dreams can come true.


  1. We love your list! And we love princesses! Especially girls with Princessitude! A good princesses always has a positive princess attitude. She has Princessitude! I've found lots of fun stuff for princesses of all ages at Tell all the other princesses!

    The Princessitude! Fairy

  2. Thanks, Princessitude! :) You have some very cute designs in your store! If you're in the marketplace, I'll be sure to affiliate in my Princess Parade store and in Moonduster's Gifts!

  3. I can be a princess only during Halloween I will be snow white for Halloween.

  4. These are the rules for Disney princesses and fake princesses. The rules of a real life are much more complicated. If you saw them you'd realise that being a princess isn't all it's cracked up to be...

  5. Anonymous - If you read more of the blog than just this cute little list, you'd see that the whole point of this blog is to show that there is a lot more to being a true princess.

  6. Just a reminder to anyone reading this: This is just a little bit tongue-in-cheek using some comments my little girl said as a toddler. I'm a firm believer that princesses do NOT need to always wear pink or wear dresses and added the last three or four numbered items to show that.

  7. Hi,to be a princess you need to be kind and loyal plus you need to use manners at the dinner-table and you need to be clean and ready for everything you need to do.

    1. i taught princesses do not work in a castle

  8. Well I will say to mother buy me some tiara and dresses

  9. Wonderful list! You might also like these places for princesses:

  10. 1-4 I cant do that

  11. to be a princess always do her best and always be kind to every one


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