Sunday 15 August 2010

Throwing A Princess Birthday Party

One of our daughter's just turned five, and she requested a princess party.

We bought some of the usual sweets and treats for the party bags, but I wanted something especially princess-themed to give to the party-goers. I bought some wooden frames and painted some of them bright pink, some of the dark blue and some of them yellow. I also bought stencils made to fit the frames. The stencil I bought said "Princess" across the top and had stars and crowns on it.

For the yellow frames I tried a peach colored paint for the stenciling on one and a metalic blue for the stenciling on the other one. The blue looked better than the peach color, in my opinion.

Princess Frame Yellow & Gold

Princess Frame Yellow & Blue

For the pink frames, I chose a metallic purple for the stenciling. I liked the way they turned out.

Princess Frame Pink & Purple

For the blue frames, I didn't stencil the whole word, "Princess." I stopped when it only spelled "Prince," and I used a metallic aqua color for the stenciling. I really liked the way that they turned out.

Prince Frame

We took photos of each child as they arrived at the party. (They were wearing costumes.) We then added the photos to the frames as gifts for them to take home with them. We also took some photos of our daughter with her friends as an extra photo for each of them to take home with them to remember the party.

Bella & Caroline at her 5th Birthday party

Bella & Oliver at her 5th birthday party

The kids played the usual games such as Pass-the-Parcel and Musical statues.

Bella PasstheParcel at her 5th Birthday Party

Gabby PasstheParcel at Bellas 5th Birthday party

Connor PasstheParcel at Bellas 5th Birthday Party

I also wanted some princess-themed crafts for the kids to do. First, they made "royal chalices." I bought some inexpensive plastic wine glasses and a variety of stickers. Because my daughter had invited both boys and girls to her party, I bought some stickers of cars, trucks and emergency vehicles as well as stickers of flowers, butterflies, Disney princesses, hearts and stars. (I would have bought stickers of dragons and knights, but I couldn't find any.) The kids then got to decorate their "royal chalices" with the stickers.

Gabby chalice craft at Bellas 5th Birthday Party

Connor chalice craft at Bellas 5th Birthday Party

Gabby chalice craft at Bellas 5th Birthday Party1

Bella chalice craft at her 5th Birthday Party

Next, we had some crowns I had bought at the craft store for the kids to decorate with stickers too.

Bella crown craft her 5th Birthday party

Connor crown craft Bellas 5th Birthday party

Gabby crown craft Bellas 5th Birthday party

Then we progressed to the food. I wanted to keep it simple, so I had some sausage rolls and pizza that I stuck in the oven and baked beforehand to serve to the kids, and they all seemed to like them.

Last, we moved on to serving the cake and singing "Happy Birthday."

Bellas 5th Birthday Party Princess Castle Cake6

Robert made a simple two-layer round cake and frosted it. He rolled out ready-to-roll icing and wrapped it around some cake rolls which he then cut in two pieces each for the towers. One of the pieces was 2/3 of the cake rolls and the other was 1/3 of the rolls. We used more vanilla frosting to attach the larger halves of the towers to four sides of the round cake and we put three of the smaller ones on top of the cake. He frosted the tops of the towers and added mini marshmallows around the edges of them. He used food coloring to color the left-over ready-to-roll icing, and then rolled it out and cut out windows and doors, using thinly spread frosting to stick them to the "castle."

Bellas 5th Birthday Party Princess Castle Cake

Bellas 5th Birthday Party Princess Castle Cake4

The cake was a big hit!

Bellas 5th Birthday Party Princess Castle Cake7

Tuesday 3 August 2010

Wonderful Women

"What others think of us would be of little moment did it not, when known, so deeply tinge what we think of ourselves." ~Paul Valery

The way we are treated or talked about, the way people see us, has an effect on us even when we don't want it to. Don't you think the world would be a completely different place if women were all confident and felt good about themselves?

I propose we all do something this month to help make that a reality. This month, at least one time every day, tell a woman or a girl in your life a compliment. Make sure it is sincere and that it is empowering. Compliment her looks or compliment her sense of humor. Compliment her skill or compliment her intelligence. Compliment her talent or compliment her kindness. There is always something wonderful to be found in every girl or woman.

Your compliments don't have to all be face to face. You can compliment someone you admire on-line too, or let your mom or sister know how great she is while on the phone with her. The point is that you somehow tell someone how great you think they are.

You can start today by telling me in the comments about a woman or girl that you think is terrific and why you think so.

I must admit, I have so many wonderful girls and women in my life that I could do this every day for the whole year!