Monday 18 July 2011

How To Feel Like A Princess

Some common ideas about princesses are that they live in the lap of luxury, they can have almost anything they want, they dress elegantly, have perfect make-up and look beautiful at all times. With that in mind, most of us would like the chance to feel like a princess.

You might be shocked to find out that you can make yourself feel like a princess and that it is surprisingly easy to do so! Here are ten easy steps to take to help yourself to feel like a spoiled, pampered and beautiful princess.

1 - Believe in your own beauty. You are a beautiful person and one way to help yourself believe in that fact is to remind yourself frequently that you are beautiful. Act as though you are assured of your own beauty and pretty soon, you will start to feel it and believe in it.

2 - Take some time every week to do something pampering for yourself. Whether this is to take the time for a long and luxurious hot bubble bath at the end of the day or getting a professional massage to help relax yourself, it is important to do something special that is just for you. Indulge in buying your favorite gourmet chocolates or go and get a pedicure. There are many ways to treat yourself.

3 - Take time each day to style your hair and put on your make-up. If you don't have time to do this everyday, give yourself a couple of days a week where you take the time to glam yourself up a bit. You could also go and have your hair and make-up done professionally on occasion.

4 - Wear a pretty dress. If you're taking the time to glamorize your make-up and hair, make sure to also put on a dress or outfit that makes you feel pretty and feminine. It has to be something that you feel pretty wearing.

5 - Take special care with your accessories. Wear jewelery that compliments your outfit and coloring and shoes that flatter your feet and legs. These finishing touches are a great way to top out your glamorous look and can help add to your feeling like a princess.

6 - Do some breathing exercises. Take slow deep breaths and empty your mind of all thought except for concentrating on those slow deep breaths for a few minutes. Hold your breath for several seconds between breathing in and out. This can relax your body and calm your mind, and feeling calmer will help you keep your emotions under control and can lift your mood.

7 - Donate to charity. One thing modern princesses are noted for is their contributions to charity. Your donation doesn't have to be monetary. You could volunteer to spend your time at a soup kitchen or to drive your elderly neighbor to do her weekly shopping. Doing good things for others will help you feel better about yourself.

8 - Set a small amount of money aside from each paycheck to save towards doing something you love. Even if all you can set aside is $5 from each paycheck, it will eventually add up and knowing that the money is there can be a huge stress reliever and you'll be able to look forward to whatever it is that you have planned to do with it.

9 - Be tidy. By keeping your house uncluttered and clean, you will feel better and will even be more likely to entertain guests. Having a dirty or messy house can be stressful and stress can definitely keep you from feeling like a princess.

10 - Spend time with your prince and if you don't have one yet, make sure that you never settle for less than a true prince (i.e. a man who shows you both love and respect). Spending time with your man and letting him be the one to spoil you with affection and to let you know how beautiful you are to him can be a wonderful boost to your ego and is a great way to feel like a princess!