Sunday 4 March 2012

The Brave Princess - Princess Parade Flash Fiction Contest Entry (Under 16s)

fairytale storybook

The Brave Princess
by Jade (11 years old)

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Isabella. She was locked in a  tower.

One night, she told herself, "I can not stay in this dirty place." She was determined to plan her escape.

She sat at her princess desk with her paper and pen trying to think of a plan for her escape. Despite her situation, being trapped in the tower, she was a brave princess. Her plan was to dress up like her mom, the Queen and then tie up some bed clothes like a rope. Then she would begin to moan at the wicked witch.

The wicked witch treated princess Isabella like a slave, so Princess Isabella dressed up as her mom the Queen and acted out her plan exactly as she had planned it.

It worked. Galloping through the woods on the horse that she had found tied up just outside the tower, she saw a handsome prince. "Hello, I'm Prince Andrew and what is your name?" asked the prince.

"I'm Princess Isabella," said the princess.

The prince smiled and asked, "Will you marry me?"

Princess Isabella thought and then said, "Yes. Are you Prince Charming?"

Prince Andrew replied yes, so they galloped back to the castle of the king and queen. The king and queen were delighted to see the princess . After that, they planned the wedding.

One of the phrases Princess Isabella kept hearing being said was "walk through the fire to God." She asked herself, "What does that mean?"
Her family was delighted that she had found love, but soon Princess Isabella started to cry because prince after prince came, another and another and another.  They all claimed to be her Prince Charming, but she knew they couldn't all be, so she ran away from all of them. She ran all the way to England and she is still there.

This story was sent in by 11 year old Jade as an entry for the under-16s.

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